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Our Karate Style.

Loughton Wado-Kai is a traditional Wadō-ryū style Karate club. The Club's Founder and Instructor – Sensei Jason Walton, is a 3rd Dan and has studied Wado since the age of 16 having started way back in 1986. He began as a beginner at the Guildford Wado Karate Club with Sensei Barry Wilkinson (who was then a 4th Dan) and he still continues to train with Sensei Barry (now 8th Dan) at the Guildford club, some 33 years later!.

We are true to the Wado style and lineage, and England Wado-Kai Founder and Chief Instructor – Sensei Barry Wilkinson was one of the VERY few English Karate Instructors to have trained with the original Wado Master – Hironori Ohtsuka, whom he trained with back in the 1970s in Farnham – Surrey, as well as having Japanese instruction under Master Tatsuo Suzuki 8th Dan.

Loughton Wado-Kai and our Association (England Wado-Kai Karate-Do) is the largest group of Wado style Karate clubs in England. We are also affiliated to the Federation of Wado-Kai Europe (, and currently Sensei Barry is their Vice President with over 50 years of Wado under his belt!. England Wado-Kai is the only association in England through which students can potentially work their way through to European level and be able to compete for their country at the European Wado-Kai Karate Championships which take place every Autumn in Europe – 2019 is to be held in Budapest, Hungary.

Sensei Jason is a qualified England Wado-Kai Karate Judge and a few years ago he also qualified as a Federation of Wado-Kai Europe Karate Judge having taken practical and written examinations. He has also represented England by competing at the European Karate Championships in both 2013 (Hungary) and 2014 (Italy). Having now retired from competition, he continues to be pro-active as a National and International Karate judge as well as running Loughton Wado-Kai club and instructing at the England Wado-Kai Karate Courses throughout the year.

Through hard work, dedication, practice and enjoyment our students can have the potential to work their way through the grades to Black Belt (Dan grade level). This will take many years as karate is not about having free belts handed to you, or paying money for, it’s about rewarding achievement through continued training and hardwork and many, many years of practice. Only those who persist will succeed.

Our club is very proud of it’s achievements and we are now coming up to our 5th Anniversary in the Autumn which we will look forward to celebrating.

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