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Starting Karate - FREE First Lesson!


Have you always wanted to take up karate but always found a reason not to join?. The popular consensus is that everyone will be like Bruce Lee or the Karate Kid and you won't fit in - this just isn't the case.


If you are interested in taking up Wado-Kai Karate, Loughton Wado-Kai Karate Club offers a FREE first lesson to all new students. All you need to start are some comfortable clothes (tracksuit and t-shirt) and bring a bottle of water.


Where and When are the classes?

Training times are 6.30pm – 7.30pm every Wednesday for all ages (children, teens and adults) at Roding Valley High School, Alderton Hill, Loughton, Essex IG10 3JA.


The dojo (training area) is in the Drama Studio and there are ample spaces for car parking at the side of school.


Come and watch a karate class

We understand that the hardest step to make is the first one through the dojo door, so if after browsing this website you are still unsure whether Wado-Kai Karate is for you, why not pop down on Wednesday evening to watch a lesson and see what it is like. You're more than welcome to either join in or sit at the side and watch.


You will be treated with respect, courtesy and patience at all times. Everyone was once a beginner so we all pledge to help make it as easy and enjoyable as possible.


The effects of karate training

Karate can make very positive changes to your life, teaching discipline, etiquette and respect for all.


Physically karate training enhances strength, coordination, stamina, balance and flexibility. It can improve both the quality and longevity of your life and it will make you feel happier and more alert.


As well as developing your body karate also trains the mind, resulting in improved self-awareness, discipline, confidence and will-power.


Our Location
What are the fees? 


We try to keep our prices as competitive as possible and invest any money we make back into the club. There are no ‘tied-in’ contracts with our club and we operate a 'pay as you train' policy. We believe this is in your best interests and fosters a responsibility for your own training. This also means that you will not have to continue to pay us if you decide that karate is not for you, or if you need to take a short break from training due to illness of other commitments.


Karate Lesson Costs

Your first Lesson is FREE, and after that we have a weekly price as follows:

Juniors (up to age 16) £7.50 / Adults (over 16) £7.50


Other Costs (Once a year)

After you have had your first initial FREE lesson and you are confident that you wish to continue training with us you will need to join the England Wado-Kai Association, and if you wish to grade for your first belt, it will be necessary to obtain an EWKR Licence. (This is a legal requirement for all martial arts).


EWKR Membership & Registration book (This is a yearly fee)
Children, Cadets and Adults £5


This membership and registration book will contain all your training attendance records for the current year, useful information about the Association and a calendar of all major courses.


EWKR Licence (This is a yearly fee).
Children (up to age 11) £15 / Cadets (ages 12-15) £20 / Adults (over 16) £25


This licence enables you to train at any EWKR dojo and also covers you for basic training insurance. It is a requirement for all gradings and once purchased it will contain all of your grading records.


Karate Suit (Gi)

Once you start progressing with karate you can purchase yourself a ‘gi’, which is the cotton jacket and trousers worn in karate. These can be bought in a range of weights and prices start quite cheaply.

Child Safeguarding Policy 


Our club follows the England Wado-Kai (EWKR) Policy and Guidelines for Safeguarding Children. Please click on the above PDF button to download the full policy and guidelines.

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