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The Rules of the Dojo


At our club (and association) we have a number of simple rules we expect all of our students to follow. A few of these are derived from the traditional discipline and etiquette that has always been associated with Karate based on respect and kindness towards other people. Others are additions made in the interest of the safety of our students and not disrupting the class.


The rules of the Dojo are as follows:


  1. Students are to bow on entering and leaving the Dojo

  2. Karate suit should be white and clean

  3. No metallic objects to be worn (jewellery/watches etc)

  4. Toe and finger nails to be kept short and clean

  5. No eating, drinking, smoking chewing gum or bad behaviour in the Dojo

  6. Respect higher grades

  7. Be kind to beginners and lower grades

  8. When resting, students to sit with their backs straight and legs crossed

  9. To obtain Mon/Kyu grades students must train regularly

  10. The instructor shall always be addressed as Sensei, and assistant as Sempai

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