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Hironori Otsuka
Loughton Wado-Kai Instructor 
Sensei Jason Walton 4th Dan


Sensei Jason Walton, holding a 4th Dan black belt in Wado karate, embarked on his martial arts journey in 1986 at the Guildford Wado-Kai Karate Club, then affiliated with the Southern Karate-Do Wado-Kai Association. His progression in the art is marked by significant milestones, achieving his 1st Dan in 1995, 2nd Dan in 2014, and 3rd Dan in 2017. In 2021, he was honored with the promotion to 4th Dan at the England Wado-Kai Autumn Course in Lyme Regis, Dorset.

During the 1990s, Sensei Jason shared his knowledge by teaching at various clubs and managing his own Guildford club for three years before relocating to Essex. His dedication to Wado karate extends beyond teaching, as he has actively participated in Association, National, and Mixed Style competitions. Notably, he represented England at the European Wado-Kai Karate Championships in 2013 (Hungary) and 2014 (Italy) in the Senior Men's Individual Kata category.

Sensei Jason's training has been enriched by instruction from esteemed Wado karate practitioners such as Master Toru Arakawa (9th Dan), Sensei Shingo Ohgami (8th Dan) and Sensei Koichi Shimura (8th Dan). However, his primary mentor has been Sensei Barry Wilkinson (8th Dan), Chairman of England Wado-Kai Karate-Do Renmei and Vice President of the Federation of European Wado-Kai. Sensei Jason frequently serves as an instructor in courses organized by the EWKR and maintains regular training sessions at the Guildford and Aldershot clubs. Additionally, he holds the position of a qualified EWKR Wado-kai Kata Judge and a European Wado-Kai Kata Judge.

The Essex-based club under Sensei Jason's leadership marks the first establishment of its kind in the county, affiliated with the England Wado-Kai Karate-Do Renme – the largest Wado-Kai organization in England and a prominent international representative of Wado-Kai.

Sensei Jason is committed to ensuring a safe training environment, holding an enhanced DBS check and is qualified as a certified First Aider. He adheres to EWKR's child protection policy and guidelines, supplemented by Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance.

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